Magnum Luxury Safe

Magnum Luxury Safe

Published: September 30, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

Buben&Zorweg have spent months developing a safe that provides security, while also having a unique and classy look.  The result of their hard work is the Magnum.

The safe not only protects your valuables but presents them like they are in a show room.  The doors are thick, but they retract into the safe and out of the way. Your belongings are lit up by an LED light system.  Expensive watches can be placed in the Time Mover for viewing.  There are drawers within the safe to place your other valuables.  The interior is made from materials such as handcrafted German bull´s neck leather, velour, and polished Ebony Grigio.

The safe features a high-security locking system.  There are also hidden compartments behind the Time Mover to keep your more sensitive materials out of sight.  The safe also does double-duty as a Buben&Zorweg signature clock.  Check out Buben&Zorweg’s website for more information.

Magnum Luxury Safe3Magnum Luxury Safe

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