Harry Winston Charms

Harry Winston Charms

Published: September 30, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

Harry Winston is introducing three new charms to its Charms Series – Belle, Sealed, and With Love.   Each has its own unique design.   All three are available in your choice of yellow gold or platinum.

Belle features a hand-set diamond micro-prave, and its design is inspired by the jewelry of the 1920s.  Sealed charms are more representative of modern Harry Winston jewelry.  Lastly, With Love pays tribute to the United State Postal Service.   The With Love charms look like miniature diamond encrusted envelopes.

These additions to the Harry Winston Charms Series will be available starting in November.  A price has yet to be announced for these particular charms, but other charms in the series sell for as much as $2,300 for each individual charm, not including the price of the bracelet, which is priced at  $2,300.

Harry Winston Charms, Belle

Harry Winston Charms, Sealed

Harry Winston Charms, With Love

Harry Winston Charms, Charm Bracelet Gold


Harry Winston Charms, Char Bracelet Platinum

Harry Winston

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