Bodice Rocker

Bodice Rocker

Published: September 23, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

Splinter Works, whose goal is to create “sculptural furniture that is engaging and inspiring,” is known for its unique take on common household furniture and appliances.  The company is now featuring the Bodice Rocker.

The rocking chair seems to defy physics at first glance with its initial ‘standing’ position (see video below).  Whenever weight is placed on the chair, it takes on a somewhat more traditional seating position.  The chair is tailored to the customer’s requirements.   The color of the padded leather and the stitching can be customized.  The chair can even be sculpted to fit a client’s body-type.

The Bodice Rocker from Splinter Works costs $14,500.

Bodice Rocker, Back

Bodice Rocker, In Use;  Shot from the Side

Bodice Rocker, In Use;  Shot From The Front

Splinter Works

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