Sony’s Android-Powered SmartWatch 2

Sony’s Android-Powered SmartWatch 2

Published: June 27, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

SmartWatch 2 is the latest product released by Sony and boasts more features than its predecessor.

The Japanese electronics company’s latest watch has water resistant properties, protecting it against accidental spills.  The SmartWatch 2 also adds Near Field Communication (NFC) that allows users to pair the watch with their Android smartphone, which essential makes your watch like your second phone.  This means that you can get phone notifications, check e-mails, take pictures, control music, and read the latest news on the 1.6 inch touch-screen display on the SmartWatch 2.

The watch is made of aluminum and has a removable 24mm wristband that is also customizable.  The SmartWatch 2 has an improved battery life from its predecessor as well.  A price for the watch has yet to be announced, though Sony did set a release date for September.

Sony’s Android-Powered SmartWatch 2

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  1. Kenneth Pao

    Does this Sony Android phone accept voice recognition input commands ? Thanks.

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