World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle

World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle

Published: June 17, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

A bike builder of TT Custom Choppers in Ankara, Turkey named Tarhan Telli has designed a bike that is being touted as the world’s most expensive motorcycle.

The bike’s design was inspired by the Greek Mythological figure Medusa and took over a year to build.  The motorcycle weighs over 700 pounds and incorporates over $1 million dollars worth of gold into the design.  Aesthetics aside, the bike has an 1801cc v-twin engine producing 125 horsepower and a 6-speed gearbox.  The worth of the motorcycle has yet to be determined.  Telli is awaiting confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records that his creation is more expensive than the current record holder.

World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle

World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle

World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle

World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle

World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle

TT Custom Choppers

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  1. Reg L van Buuren

    its based on Harley V Twin style engined bike !!! NO THANKS !!!
    That’s NOT A BIKE !!!

  2. Earl

    That’s probably the ugliest motorcycle I’ve ever seen in my 38 years of riding. Looks like it’s been left out in the rain for several years.

    1. lanl`

      Sorry to say Earl, but the bike (and I do agree that it’s ugly) incorporates BOTH Mercury AND MEDUSA (look on the front top of the bike)

  3. Laszlo

    I’m afraid this bike overall has a clumsy look. The snake motif on front and back fenders is particularly awkward as are the fenders themselves. The mythological figures are not well integrated into the design and have a “pasted on” look. And where on earth is $1,000,000 worth of gold hidden?

  4. wk

    Hello Thieves,

    In case you are, um, sleepy today, please note that this bike claims to have a million bucks’ worth of gold in it. That’s probably grossly exaggerated, but even if it’s just fraction of that amount it will probably pay for your airfare to wherever the buyer lives. Watch for the followup story, it’ll undoubtedly mention his or her, no his, name. Find out the buyer’s favorite restaurant – surely you’ll find your gold stash awaiting you there.

    But be quick, this opportunity won’t last!

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