MWE Emperor 200 Workstation

MWE Emperor 200 Workstation

Published: June 10, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

MWE Emperor 200 is a high tech  workstation with a futuristic design for those who are looking to combine comfort and technology.  The chair features three 24″ LED screens and a THX surround sound system.  Other features include a touchscreen control center, an electric-powered leather seat, light therapy system and an air filtering system.

The Emperor 200’s price is currently set at $44,750.  However, a cheaper version of the chair, the Emperor 1510, is available for $6,200.  The Emperor 1510 does not have the air filtering system or the light therapy system.

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  1. Triathlon_brah

    lol @ air filtration system

    it’s not enclosed, what the hell is there to filter? do you wear a mask? does it filter the whole house?

  2. Ken

    I love it! The greatest toy for men. Unfortunately at $44K+ I will have to wait until the piggy bank gets a little fuller.

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