wFoil Albatross, A ‘Flying’ Boat

wFoil Albatross, A ‘Flying’ Boat

Published: May 2, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

The wFoil Albatross, created by pilot and flying instructor Tomaz Zore, is a boat that ‘flies’ across the water by using hydrofoils. It can reach speeds of up to 90mph. Zore refers to this type of sailing/flying hybrid as foiling, and is advocating for the creation of a whole new category of sailing.

The engine can be replaced with a sail for a more traditional sailing experience. Zore is looking for investors in order to produce the first 12 wFoil Albatross boats. Annual production will not surpass 20 vessels per year.

wFoil Albatross


wFoil Albatross


wFoil Albatross


wFoil Albatross


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  1. Farhad Azima

    Is this boat/aircraft available commercially for sale? price? delivery time? training requirement?

    Thank you.

    Farhad Azima

  2. pete wallace

    You need room for at least 2 people to make this at all interesting beyond merley another expensive little toy. if you cannot take a companion, what use is this thing, cool as it is?

  3. Tomaz

    Yes the boat, wFoil 18 Albatross from series ZERO is available for order. There will be only 12 boats made! It is two seater, with everything inside (bow thrusters, 140hp, reverse, screen touch controls,…)
    Price 200000€ for very upgraded boat . Delivery up to 8 months.

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