Kitchen Counter with Built-in Tablet

Kitchen Counter with Built-in Tablet

Published: December 23, 2012 | By: American Luxury Staff

Prisma kitchen is a concept created by Toncelli Kitchens in collaboration with Experientia. The interactive kitchen island features an integrated Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The design is minimalist, sleek, and a tad bit futuristic. The kitchen island is also equipped with a sliding cutting board.

Browsing recipes on your kitchen counter brings you one step closer to having a maid named Google.

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  1. Ben

    Great concept. Totally pragmatic approach to integrating interconnectivity to the kitchen. Love that no vertical footprint is required.

  2. kady

    Looks nice but really, recipes and other media, e.g., movies, e-mail, are better viewed vertically. I can look at a recipe from across the island or even another counter if it’s sitting up e.g., why we invented cookbook holders, but not if it is flat, embedded in the counter. Esthetically pleasing, but not workable for a cook or even someone who just wants to Skype or watch a show while cooking.

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